Offering delicious solutions for better health

Balanced Nutritional Lifestyles serves as your advocate in your quest for greater wellness. With your improved health as our goal, our team of professionals focuses on you, coordinating and blending personal chef services, nutritional counseling, lifestyle education, personal training, and medical care together to guide your way to better wellness.

Nutritional consulting

Whether you are grappling with a serious health issue, or are simply now ready to move toward better health, we can help make your journey more informed, less overwhelming, and certainly more delicious. We work closely with each client to ensure a thorough understanding of your health history and preferences, goals, and needs. Using an integrative approach, we create a personalized education, lifestyle and eating plan tailored to your needs.

Our nutritional counseling services guide you in the use of therapeutic foods, herbs, and a balance of micronutrients to fight disease. Our guidance is specialized to your particular health challenge: cardiovascular disease, weight management, autoimmune diseases, food allergies or intolerances, cancer, or any other health issues. We also offer nutritional counseling to those needing pre-operative, post-operative, or operative-avoidance nutritional support.

Personal Chef Services

Healthy nutrition can reduce your risk of developing some kinds of cancer, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, and other diseases. With a carefully crafted diet tailored to your specific health challenges, it is possible to prevent and even reverse disease. If you are already fighting disease or health challenges, our personal chef services can create meals that help you increase energy and reclaim your health.

Yo-yo dieting can be a fading memory and ideal weight can be maintained long-term through consumption of nutrient-rich meals that leave you satiated, tailored to your food preferences and with careful attention to your dietary needs. By trading processed carbs and empty calories for whole grains and nutrient-dense foods, you reduce your risk of obesity and weight-related issues. We prepare nourishing, delicious meals for you, customized according to your personal tastes and with careful attention to accommodate your dietary needs.

Now offering virtual chef services worldwide!

Customized menus developed just for you, to meet your specific nutritional needs, goals, and personal tastes. Service includes:
~ Monthly meal plan
~ Recipes and ingredient lists
~ Distance nutritional counseling
~ Optional instructional preparation video or referral to certified chefs in your area
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