Our Team

In addition to delectable meals crafted for your particular dietary needs, Balanced Nutritional Lifestyles provides nutritional counseling and other services to promote wellness and reduce and prevent disease. Always an active resource provider to physicians and health professionals seeking to help their patients improve overall health, Gloria now offers these advisory services to her clients through her extended team. Her practice has expanded to include services of licensed nutritionists, personal trainers, physicians and other health professionals. Based on your preference, she can offer support from members of her team, or coordinate with or advocate on your behalf with your own specialists. Like her delicious and nourishing meals, the support you receive is based on your individual needs.

Gloria and her team of wellness professionals can support you in your quest for improved vitality, reduced pain, or greater balance. It is our belief that these objectives are best achieved through support from multiple perspectives, which may include meal preparation in accordance with your dietary needs, nutritional guidance, personal training, and support from medical professionals and alternative care practitioners. Based on your preferences, we can interface with other members of your health provider team, ensuring coordination and communication.

Our clients have been challenged with a vast variety of health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, dysphasia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer (including those undergoing radiation treatment), weight management, weight loss, bariatric surgery prevention or preparation, or special diets such as non-iodine, Crohns, or gluten-free. Let us help you. Our nourishing meals and nutritional guidance for eating judiciously outside the home enable you to savor the journey to greater well-being.

Healthy employees are more focused and productive. Contact us to participate in your corporate wellness programs with nutrition education services for your teams.

Featured Team Members

  • Joan Hill, licensed nutritionist
  • Dr. Osama Hamdy, Director, Obesity Clinic, Joselin Medical Center
  • Vijay Daryanani, physical therapist and trainer