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Chef Gloria B is the Recipe Contest Winner: Grilled Bluefish in Citrus Marinade. The winning recipe was a fabulous Grilled Bluefish recipe which works well with any oily fish like salmon, tuna, or striped bass. Download the recipe here and try it for yourself!

Chef Gloria is now a contributing recipe writer for Her column “Healthy & Luscious Cooking” featured a Hoisin Wasabi Black Cod (Sable Fish) recipe.

“Sablefish is found from central Baja California to the eastern Bering Sea, with about 75 percent of landings taken off Alaska. It is a rich fish that is high in Omega 3 fish oils. A valuable source of high-quality protein, Alaska sablefish also furnishes important minerals, among them: iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and calcium. The fats in sablefish are highly polyunsaturated and thus well-suited to low cholesterol diets.”

Read More at Dancing Spoon, a Web site for foodies who watch what they eat…

Try Gloria Bakst’s Plank-Grilled Red Snapper featured at

Cooking with Gloria – Cedar planks add unique and intriguing flavors to your foods as they grill. Soak your planks in water for one hour or longer before grilling. (See Using Cedar Planks for Grilling) When the grill is hot put the plank on the grill, smooth side down and char, turn the wood over and then place fish or chicken on top to cook. The planks maybe reused.