Client Case Studies

Health challenge: Severely overweight client needed ongoing support to develop and maintain healthy eating habits
Recommended plan: Nutrition education, meal preparation, cooking instruction and food shopping guidance, recipes

“With Gloria’s Nutritional Lifestyle program, I lost 55 pounds in about 5 months. Her personal oversight, practical suggestions and on-going enthusiastic encouragement are part of the effectiveness of the program” – G.W.

Health challenge: Client with poor health habits and lack of exercise
Recommended plan: Nutrition education, cooking instruction and recipes, exercise plan

“I learned how to eat a more balanced diet, using what I call the Three Majors at every sitting. The best thing about this program is that it propelled me back into the gym again, and that was a real triumph I woe to you! Also, watching the food intake has become a habit too, and you certainly succeeded with me there! There was no boredom factor in the food prep, and I have become much more vigilant about what I put into my mouth!” ~ F.K.